Removals London Spain

Removals London Spain

We realize removals London Spain, we offer both groupage as direct services for small and big removals. For companies and private individuals, weekly routes through whole Spain (PENINSULA) Balearic Islands, Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza.

When it’s time to say goodbye to a London city for a new change and you require for the best service, in Removals London Spain you’ll find, referring to responsibility, respect, attention, quality and punctuality in the European Union, that we are the first, MOVERS.E.

One team of workers, among logistics, customer service, packers and the drivers, they all together make the experience to a new and better life starting from the arrival of the truck at your door picking up the contents and offering you the best service in London for international removals, we offer you:

Our best estimate: Each of our distinguisted Clients of MOVERS.E they deserve a special and personalized treatment. The cost for the delivery of your contents and the offered services by the company will be calculated individually. The import depends upon the following factors:

  • Destination: If you need Removals London Spain the cost won’t be the same for the customers of France or Italy or any other type of international removal, due to the fact the route isn’t the same.


  • The size and volume of the removal: The numbers of workers needed to remove the contents and products who are mobilizing depending on whether they are furniture or clothes, decoration, all together influences in the transport and the final cost.


  • Type of loading: Fragile, personal or business sector.


  • Additional services: MOVERS.E offers you additional services as required for the customer or for the type of removal, like custom procedures or insurance programme.

Custody of assets: This process starts at the moment they administer and mark the quantity and type of the contents which are being transported. From here they implement the use of the GPS, which identify the monitoring offices of transport, MOVERS.E in which place and at what time the delivery is, the main thing is the work ethic of the workers. They are experienced staff and responsible to drive large distances. They know they are transporting important belongings for them who trust the removal service of MOVERS.E and of course they are the face of the company, they have partners in Europe who take care keeping the seriousness to the commitment of the security that the delivery at Removals London Spain will be made.

Removals London Spain